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Custom Car Stereo was established in August of 1978 by three college friends in Charleston after leaving the University of South Carolina. From a very modest beginning, one partner bought out the other two and began a lifelong journey to become one of the best 12-volt stores in the nation. More than 30 years later, that same original partner, Steve Cramer, has improved and expanded into one of the largest mobile electronic stores anywhere.
In recognition of that, in 2009 Custom Car Stereo was voted one of the top 100 stores in the country. This is an incredible accomplishment that has never been achieved by any other store in the state of South Carolina. We are still continuing to grow after recently opening a new store in Columbia, S.C., and are currently scouting new locations in Greenville and Myrtle Beach.

The Charleston store has a beautiful state-of-the-art showroom and seven large, well-equipped air conditioned installation bays. We maintain a huge inventory with countless, quality big-name products, more than any other competitor in the area. We are constantly researching and expanding our products and services to accommodate all of your electronic needs. Stop by our mobile electronic superstore and see why Custom Car Stereo was voted No. 1.

Custom Car Stereo


At Custom Car Stereo, we specialize in getting it right the first time. Nowhere else will you walk into a large, comfortable store filled with the latest in mobile electronics and restyling. For more than 30 years, Custom Car Stereo has surpassed the competition with the best selection and the lowest prices. Everyone will agree that our expert installers have more experience than all of our competition combined. Since you probably spend a great deal of time in your car, we specialize in making that driving time more enjoyable or more productive. Either way, we make driving fun again.

Custom Car Stereo has been the most trusted name in the 12-volt business since 1978. Compare what we offer to the competition:

  • Low Prices, Guaranteed – We can match any price, local or mail order, on the same piece of equipment with the same warranty as our competitors, as long as it is new.
  • Expert Installations – We have the nicest installation bays in town and we can prove it. Just look through our competitors' area (if they let you), then come by and tour ours. No appointment is necessary to take a walkthrough. You will see an amazing difference because we put our money where your car is. Better shop, better installers, better job. You decide.
  • Reputation – We have the highest rating in the state. Many of our competitors don't even qualify for their accreditation.
  • Trade-Ins – Unlike the other stores, anything you buy from us can be traded in and moved up to something better in that same category (radio to radio, amp to amp, etc.). We are happy to help you upgrade your system as often as you like; just let us know what you want, and we'll work out the details.
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